Please know that if you date me, I am a very touchy person. I will like to pet your head and hold your hand, rub your shoulders or hug you a lot. Simply put, to physically feel you in some way is very comforting to me and I can’t really apologize for it, it just feels natural to me and makes me happy.

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"This is a picture that i’d like to have shown at my funeral you know you have photos of the person that died. This shows me in one of the happiest times of my life. Just young stoked on surfing and about as happy as a kid could be. Pop pier was a perfect place to start surfing at. We had plenty of surf and Pop had a few different spots to surf at." - Jay adams


"Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling"
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"Because this is my life. And that’s the only explanation you will ever need."
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Love bus at Ocean Beach, SF, California
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"She’s sunny one minute then she’s pouring down rain"

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Young couple playing records spread out on living room floor. Ohio, 1955.
"To travel is to live."
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In the winter of 2011, photographer and furniture designer Ana Kraš flew from her home in Belgrade, Serbia, to Los Angeles, where she’d been sent by a European magazine to photograph artist-musician Devendra Banhart. Within five minutes, he asked her to marry him. Despite her initial impulse to flee, she stayed—and the two have been together ever since. We asked the hopeless romantics to document their whirlwind affair in this exclusive photo essay.